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Why Seller’s Remorse is Totally Common

Selling your house can be scary: It’s been your home, where you’ve lived and made memories. Chances are good it’s your most important asset and your biggest investment so far. Wrestling with the emotional heft of putting your home on the market is a difficult byproduct of real estate — but once a closing date has been set, the hard work is done. Right?

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Find the Best Agent to Sell Your House

Ask detailed questions about their experience and skills to help you find the right agent for your home sale. Working with the right real estate agent can mean the difference between getting prompt, expert representation and feeling like you’re going it alone when selling your home. Here are 10 questions to ask when you’re interviewing agents.

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7 Clever Uses for Onions

Slice an onion to shine cutlery, clean grills, overcome paint smells, and perform other non-cooking miracles. Onions are great for sauteing, but the vegetable also is a cheap and effective green cleaner, mosquito repellent, and deodorizer.

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An Eco-Friendly Home That Really Gets Around

We love eco-minded concept houses, like this energy-efficient creation that resembles a giant caterpillar.This self-supporting abode was dreamt up by Michael Jantzen, an architect known for his imaginative conceptual works, especially when it comes to alternative energy and storage systems.

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